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March 2013
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yue [userpic]

Hello, all, and welcome to my humble journal! c: My pseudonym is Yue and I'm an awkward American-born Chinese panda. Huge Starlight and EXO-stan. I don't friend anyone but people I know from tlist so sorry :| Go check out my links for my twitter and become a part of my tlist though~ hehe ^-^

This account is locked for personal reasons and so is my fic journal, but if you want to check out my fic, just join my fic community here if you haven't already seen that handy dandy "fic journal" tab at the top of my journal ^u^ Membership is open to all!


drawing stars,

Current Mood: productiveproductive
Current Music: Sherlock- SHINee

I don't have enough fics to have a Masterlist. Lies. If you contributed one fic to the community, you have a masterlist. Give yourself some credit, dude :)


Haha, that's true, but I'd rather wait until I have a few more so it can look more like a nice list instead of, like... two measly fics. I'm kind of a weird OCD. :')